イタリア語の“Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP)”、英語では, "Protected Designation of Origin”とよばれ、欧州の品質認証ラベルの1つで、特定の地域内で伝統的な製法を使って栽培、加工された農産物に与えられるものです。










    • DOPは農産物の中で最も格の高い認証です。オリーブの生産地とSARAVAの農園から出荷されるオリーブオイルのボトル11本がコントロールされ、シリアルナンバーを与えられて生産者と消費者間の透明性を確保します。


    • DOP認証は取得するのが非常に難しいため、現在トスカーナで生産されているオリーブオイルでも、これを獲得しているのは4つしかありません。







“Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP)” in Italian or, "Protected Designation of Origin” in French and English is a European Community Quality Label awarded to certain designations of agricultural products that are grown, raised, and processed according to traditional methods in a defined geographical area.


All products must be made according to the specified methods and are checked continuously by the Consortium in charge of enforcing the specifications and authorising the use of the DOP throughout the various stages of the process. 


This ensures that the bottled olive oil is equal to the amount of olives that the olive grove naturally produces.


Why is this important?


DOP is the most prestigious certification you can achieve: the provenance of the olives and each bottle leaving the Sarava estate are controlled and numbered ensuring transparency between business and consumer.


DOP is so hard to obtain that there are only four DOP certification for olive oil in Tuscany.