SARAVA シングルオリジン プレミアムエキストラバージン オリーブオイル

  • トスカーナ地方のオリーブオイル独特の爽やかなプレミアム・エキストラバージン・オリーブオイル
  • SARAVA農園で収穫したオリーブだけを使ったシングルオリジン・オリーブオイル
  • オリーブの収穫とボトリングをSARAVA農園内で行う全面的インハウス生産
  • 100%有機農法のため、化学物質や添加物は一切不使用。
  • 数量限定生産
  • 現在も樹齢100年のオリーブの木1200本を大切に育て続け、栽培から収穫まで一貫したファミリービジネス。







  • Premium extra virgin olive oil with the distinctive, fresh taste of Tuscany
  • Single origin olive oil: all olives are grown exclusively on the Sarava Estate
  • Olives are harvested and bottled fully in-house, on the estate
  • A fully organic production - absolutely no chemicals nor preservatives
  • Limited Edition Production
  • Award-winning olive oil
  • A family business that continues to nurture and harvest from 1200 centennial olive trees with great care

SARAVA extra virgin olive oil is produced and processed entirely on the estate, from harvesting to bottling.

The olives are cultivated without the use of any chemical pesticides or herbicides and adheres to the most stringent organic standards.  

Each olive is carefully harvested at its peak ripeness using the traditional technique of raking the trees and catching the fruit in the net. The olives are naturally pressed within 12 hours to preserve the delicate, fruity, and aromatic flavours. 

No chemicals are used in the pressing or handling of the extra virgin olive oil. 

The preservation of the oil is done by keeping it  in large airtight tanks, utilising argon to prevent from oxidation, in a temperature controlled room  at 16 degrees Celsius.  

The absence of light and oxygen in the tank ensures the oil remains fresh.

Sarava produces a limited edition, keeping its production at 1,000 litres per year